New Update

Bitcrush Arcade
2 min readApr 28, 2022

Not Nice…

Ok we’re just going to be honest and upfront here.

We’re not shutting everything down, but here’s the reality.

Everything sucks. NICE just wasn’t well received, and for good reason. Additionally all partners we had lined up are essentially in the same place and don’t have rewards to swap with us to build liquidity so we’re just at a dead end.

The dev team understands their part in this, and so here is what is happening.

NICE farms and pools will be shut down. All NICE protocols will be put on hold.

The Dev team will be working on a vertical slice for N.I.C.E. Invaders, which is essentially a functional aspect of the game, in this case a single planet that is playable. Vertical slices are used to raise private funds, and we’ll see what happens then.

So we are pausing everything NICE related while we build a portion of the game, and then we’ll try again. We may attempt another public raise, it depends how things go. But for now, all $NICE will stop.

As far as NFTs, give us a few weeks to regroup, we will publish the WL winners as well as launch a claim function for those winners to claim their NFTs. 2 weeks after that we will make all NFTs public.

Please note that while all $NICE activities will be shut down, the NFTs will still have high in-game value.

As far a Bitcrush goes, it’s a long road out of hell. Even when the games are fixed, our liquidity is so bad its hard to cash anything out. Fixes are coming, but again players can really only play for fun, and not really profit due to liquidity issues.

Staking pool 2.0 will return to CRUSH rewards. Feel free to stay staked or sell, just know it’s a long game at this point. There’s about 5M in CRUSH rewards left so it’s really up to you.

Our long term plan is essentially Bitcrush as a Service can breathe life back into the project. There is a side project launching with the intention of using BCAAS. We can take the revenue split from this project, as well as others, to add CRUSH liquidity over time and essentially raise it from the dead. This will be a long process, and depending on market conditions, especially for alt coin markets, it’s hard to tell how long this will last.

Unfortunately this is just where we are. We are pushing forward but there’s a long way to go.

So yes, this is our update.