Flight of the Navigator Update V5

Keep Calm and Hodl On

Phew… Welp let’s just be brutally honest for a second. The Market is gross right now.

Depending on who you follow, we’re either about to moon, collapse into a full blown bear market, or range for several months. One of those is right, so instead of speculating, let’s look at what we have on hand at the moment. Focus on the positive if you will…

State of the Union

First of all our SAS rollout was essentially a success. While testing didn’t catch the gas issue it’s been nothing critical. This is exactly why we wanted to roll out this test version first, and we’re so happy this issue presented itself before our core product rollout. Since it’s not critical, we decided to roll with it until our next phase. After all, you can still make a profit from claiming the bounty and auto-compounding, just please for the love of god stop calling the claim bounty function until it’s worth it.

Since going live less that 2 weeks ago we already have 1 million CRUSH staked!! We really do have the raddest community out there. That’s amazing, and it’s that kind of enthusiasm will allow us to scale rapidly once we launch. We’ve also burned almost 1200 CRUSH due to the claim functionality. While this may not seem significant, remember claims are happening very infrequently due to the gas issue, and once this is fixed, and profit distribution is included, its going to really start making an impact. Very excited for that.

In fact we really like this claim function and are considering a similar technique for the lottery, but more on that soon. Our Crush ‘n Burn lottery is underway and designs being worked on as well. It’s a really cool concept so we’ll be sharing more about that shortly, and how we’re working on integrating it with the Black Hodle rewards system.

Wen Moon?

So the big question on everyone’s mind is where are we in production? As mentioned before we ended up a bit behind due to our SAS. What started off as a simple fork became a full project as exploits were taking place in other pools. While we do want to push out product rapidly, we won’t do it at the expense of safety. Funds SAFU is numero uno.

The good news is this didn’t affect game porting. There has been some challenges porting from php to JS in order to properly integrate with web3. Nothing critical but it does require extensive testing to make sure it’s operating properly. That being said Dice Invaders is almost ready and will include features not present in the previous version, such as in game chat etc...

Our biggest complexity we’re working on right now is our Live Wallet, Bankroll, and Staking Pool V2. It’s complicated as they are all interconnected and work together. If one is off, none are functional. In addition they themselves have a lot of layers. For instance the bankroll has both house bankroll, and staked bankroll, which is tied into the Staking Pool V2, and the games need to gather the data from both bankrolls to properly allocate win and bet amounts. When you add in centralized games that can play several times per second per player, and the need to interact with a bankroll based on blockchain that can only be updated every 3–5 seconds, it’s a tricky system.

If we wanted to make things easy, we would have done what everyone else does, and just create centralized games with crypto payments. But that’s never what we want to be. We want to offer as much transparency and decentralization as possible, so that’s what we’re doing. The great news is we’re currently testing contracts, gearing up to test integrations, and moving everything forward shortly. It is coming. Next update I’ll share more details on how everything is fully integrated and what makes it special.

Coming Soon

The Wager Mining rewards are still in planning phases, but for good reason. Our beloved @centaur has been working in acquisitions and retention in iGaming for many many years now, and we’re making some additions to this the program to gamify rewards, introduce competitions, and possibly even a full NFT game that ties back into the wagering platform in the form of additional rewards. Once we hammer down the details we can share more on that concept as well.

Right Around the Corner

Finally, I know some of you have been waiting for a new update, or wondering why I haven’t been around as much. Basically I was waiting until we had some positive movement, like 1 Million f*cking CRUSH Staked(!) to make an update because right now we all have our heads down and are working hard to push out product. It may seem like nothing is happening, but a ton is going on behind the curtain so I’ll make an effort to do a better job in keeping everyone up to date a bit more often.

We’re really pushing to get our product into beta testing and audits. Once that happens it’s going to be a very exciting time, and it’s coming soon. In the mean time, let’s keep our head down, get through this terrible market, spread the word, and breathe. Big things are coming….

F*ck Rugs. F*ck Scammers. Decentralize the World…



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