Flight of the Navigator Update v20

Bitcrush Arcade
4 min readApr 15, 2022

House of Cards

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard I’ve been out of the loop for a bit due to a bout with covid. While I am on the mend and hope to be back in full action shortly, I am battling a major migraine as I write this, so it will be very short and to the point.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the project is on shaky ground. From exploits and team health issues, to past performance and missed deadlines, many of which have been promised and still not delivered upon, it’s very clear right now there is no confidence in project from the community, or elsewhere at the moment.

This isn’t a surprise to anyone or revealing information, it’s just where we are. This is of course my fault, as well as the shared responsibility of the team.

This farm launch could have been a great kickstart to a new era (and it will be, more on that shortly), but after less than 24 hours it’s very clear we need to make some changes and work on re-building the foundation.

This will be an ongoing and lasting planning session from our side, and one we will keep you updated on. This is still a long term project and I don’t plan on folding.

I don’t give up.

Here’s what needs to happen. The goal of the project will always be to build up $CRUSH long term. $CRUSH rewards are done. So we need $NICE. That’s where we are.

The goal with our last IDO was to raise funds for liquidity, launch on Ape, was chatting with a CEX for potential launch etc, but that didn’t go well. Again it’s the teams fault, no one else’s. So I self funded marketing and the $NICE launch.

However, it appears there is just no real effective marketing in DEFI atm. It’s just literally bots, bounty hunters, and scams. But we pushed it forward.

With the launch of these farms, it could be our way back. Build up $NICE liquidity to the point of getting on APE, they’re ready for us when we get there, however with zero faith in the project no one is jumping in ready to build. I understand this.

In fact, atm it’s just being taken advantage of. Of course it is and we had an idea this might happen. Shout out the the person who staked $0.59 to earn and dump $NICE. I get it. Free money.

So here is what’s happening moving forward. We’re re-focusing and bootstrapping forward.

We have to focus on $NICE liquidity. The reason we can’t with $CRUSH is because we need to offer rewards, even on other farms, and can’t do that in $CRUSH.

  1. Increase $NICE liquidity.
  2. Increase $CRUSH liquidity.

This is the only order it can happen.

Here’s the short list of everything that will be happening, as well as the longer term stuff we’re working on.

Again I’m over making promises or hitting deadlines as I honestly don’t believe them either.

We’re shutting down all pools and farms besides Bnb/Nice, Nice Pool, and Staking 2.0 (which will be updated shortly).

From there we have a bunch of partners we’ve been chatting with to launch pools/farms on ours and their projects. This will help us build the $NICE liquidity.

Once that is in a good position, we can then offer $NICE rewards to build $CRUSH liquidity. We we’re hoping we would get some more support on the $NICE pools early on but that’s not the case so baby steps for now.

Additionally, we have a meeting with our dev team to discuss steps, deliverables, and missed deadlines to figure out wtf is going on.

Art is starting for N.I.C.E. Invaders now that game loop has been finalized, but I know you can’t take that seriously when the team has never delivered anything else. It makes us and them look bad so hopefully they get on it a bit. This includes things like the $NICE live wallet, Games live again, and Dice Invaders (not to mention other undelivered items). All missed deadlines that need to be met.

As far as marketing goes we have amas and stuff planned, although at this point I have no faith in any of that. It’s of course better than nothing, but this space is just so full of BS right now it’s hard to sift through the noise. I think additional partnerships, game rollouts, and new features are really the only way to expand your name these days in defi.

And we have NFTs. They’re awesome and I love them. I hope everyone else will. We had a ton of bounty hunters so once they claim we’ll see what happens. That will be coming up soon and we’ll plan a reveal shortly. Those can live on forever so once we re-build this foundation we can continue to push this along.

Finally, and maybe it’s because I’ve been deathly ill for a week, but I’m just burned out. You launch a project in the space attempting to do something awesome. The plan is solid, the framework there, all it takes is some hardwork and execution. Then comes the greed and incompetence and scams and market conditions and exploits. Everyone loses money and it sucks. On top of it everything else in the market is down so it’s more salt in the wound. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m sorry if I’m not as engaged lately. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I do care. I’m well aware of how things are going. And it’s hard enough to push forward without having to listen to the negativity. It’s everyone’s right to feel that way, but right now, I just need to push this forward without distraction in any way that I can.

So that’s where we are right now. I’ll check in again soon.