Flight of the Navigator Update V19

$NICE Farms bro…

Hey Guys, I know you haven’t heard from me much, but it’s because we just have our head down working. Now isn’t the time for hype or hopium, but just good old fashioned hard work.

Here’s what’s going on.

We will be launching $NICE, Farms, Pools, and New staking pool in the near future. Some of the audits are complete, and waiting on others (fee distributer). One thing to note, and it’s a new trend, is that it will not be announced before hand. Due to the pervasiveness and saturation of bots on BSC ruining everything, we will launch first and then announce. Because there was no public sale, we find this to be fair and everyone will get a decent price and returns. I will be sure to launch when everyone is awake so stay tuned to announcements. It won’t be before the end of the weekend so you can relax for the time being.

Here is our strategy, and the thought process behind what we’re doing.

There’s been quite a few projects failing lately, as well as prominent developers leaving the space. Why is this? The primary reason that as a dev/project owner, it’s tricky to profit as a Defi platform, which is required for growth. Most protocols wildly support the community, as they should, and generate revenue in their own token. However at some point, when the greed, or poor market conditions kick in, the platform token tanks, and its hard to move forward as the native token doesn’t allow for any growth capital. We see this a lot in Defi, and it’s something to take seriously. The exception to this is generally in DEXs, because they keep a % of every swap which is a great revenue stream and allows them to persist through choppy markets regardless of their token price. While we’re not planning a DEX in the future (although perhaps something different but similar), we have been thinking a ton about this, and how we can create revenue streams (in tokens aside from $CRUSH or $NICE) to put back into growing the platform and community.

With that being said, we are gearing up to launch our Farms and $NICE staking pool 2.0, with higher incentives for taxed farms to help us generate revenue for growth.

For this reason, the priority in the first few weeks will be to incentivize $NICE liquidity first, as it is our rewards token. We have several partnerships lined up already, and once $NICE liquidity hits a certain point, we can then add additional $NICE farms with our partners to increase $CRUSH liquidity.

Our fee distributer allows the taxes to be used to various reason that all benefit Bitcrush as a whole.

These include to options to:

Here is an Example of what to expect from the farms. Please note this will likely 100% change before launch, and does not include partner farms which will help build liquidity for both.

And so on...

The other thing that is getting close is early stage Bitcrush Arcade as a Service (BCAAS). This will include additional Live Wallets for partner tokens, that introduce a revenue share between us and them, as well as a lottery iframe that they can use on their platform. This will start with our $NICE Live wallet, and once it’s working well, we will add others. While our vision for BCAAS expands much wider than this, a scaled back solution is soon to be rolled out.

The Farms, combined with new live wallets and lottery will begin to help us generate revenue to continue to expand regardless of the price of $CRUSH and $NICE. Remember however that profits from BCAAS will be used to buy back and distribute $CRUSH to the Staking pool 2.0.

Other things to watch for:

Anyhow, get ready for some positive movement. We’re not trying to hype up anything, we’re just putting in the work to roll out solid product.

Stay tuned…



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