Flight of the Navigator Update v18

  1. Contract FUD- Due to our pivot to BSC for the raise, we weren’t ready to launch our audited FTM bridge yet, and so the minting function remains. While I think we’ve earned the trust of our community with the launch of $CRUSH and renouncing the token when it was time, we hoped this good will would transfer. Unfortunately it did not. While we had our audit posted on Pinksale, their independent audits listed big warnings on our sale page. We contacted their auditors and updated them on the situation, sent them our audits, and they said they understood, but unfortunately made no changes to the warning. TBH If there was a project I hadn’t been involved with, and they had this warning, I would 100% skip it as well. We do believe this to be a big reason for the disparity between interested parties and actual contributors.

So F*cking What?

Honestly if you can’t take failure you shouldn’t be in business, own a project, or really set out to accomplish lofty goals. Does failure sting? Yes. Is it embarrassing? F*ck yes. Does it change anything? Yeah actually it does. It helps you understand what isn’t working. It’s a reminder that our work is just getting started and it’s never going to be easy. It’s a slap in the face and a wake up call. That’s not a bad thing.



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