Flight of the Navigator Update v17

Bitcrush Arcade
4 min readFeb 4, 2022

Don’t Call It a Comeback…

We’ll be here for years.

Hey my fellow Crushers. This will be a brief but major update…

As you know, we have been super busy behind the scenes gearing up for phase 2 rollout. It’s time.

We’re doing a soft announcement for our community now, and will be increasing momentum into full steam over the next week. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Official date and time of the public $NICE sale is:

February 23rd at 5pm UTC.

This will be held by our partner Knight Swap, on their Fantom based Dark Knight Dex.

Yes, we have built a bridge for both $CRUSH and $NICE, and will officially be cross-chain. We are currently testing and will be submitting to audit very shortly. Details of the public Fantom sale, and the pre-sale for our stakers TBA shortly so keep an eye out. Raised funds will be used for liquidity and marketing.

With the rollout of $NICE comes farms, pools, and an updated staking pool. We’re wrapping our current Staking Pool 2.0 contract so that when auto-compound is called, $CRUSH profits are compounded and $NICE rewards are harvested. $NICE Live wallet will also be deployed shortly after launch as the implementation will be exactly the same as the BUSD LW and won’t require anything new. We’ll be launching our lottery on Fantom, and then soon following the full Bitcrush Arcade.

We are officially doing a soft launch with our current community to begin building out our Discord server, and build traction on our Instagram. As mentioned before, we are essentially re-building our community from the ground up, so please come in with an awesome attitude and ready to help teach new users how to engage with Bitcrush.

Our marketing is geared toward our NFTs and N.I.C.E. Invaders game, but there’s so much opportunity for cross selling. In addition to airdrops we will be having daily giveaways for Lottery and Bitcrush Arcade Players. We will start marketing next week to give new users enough time to stake $CRUSH and buy a Crush God NFT if they want to get into the pre-sale of $NICE and early NFT rounds. So let's work together to Build, Educate, Hype, and Grow our community like crazy. We’re not doing this alone, we’re in the final stages of locking down between 1–3 marketing firms to fill out different key areas of focus for marketing. So this weekend, lets all hop into Discord and we’ll have a VC before pulling the trigger.

Please note we are in the process of finalizing new mods so please be patient over the weekend. Just hop in, share some positivity, let’s do a VC and all get excited.

Mad N.I.C.E. Invaders

The more we build the more utility we find for our Emperor NFTs. For everyone who’s been part of Bitcrush for a long time, let’s make sure you all get one. All 10 Invader types will be represented by Mad N.I.C.E. Invader collection pieces and have a matching game character with the same rarity for you to claim. Why own land when you can own worlds?

NFT rounds TBA soon as well.

Important New Links:

I just want to leave you with this. We’re much busier than we were before, but we’re about to have a lot more help to keep it manageable. We will be keeping our TG of course but working to migrate all comms to Discord. That being said our TG will still be there to catch new interest and field any technical issues.

We can’t wait to see you in Discord with the eye of the tiger, and get ready to build together so we can all: