Flight of the Navigator Update v16

Bitcrush Arcade
11 min readDec 31, 2021

A goal without a plan is just a wish…

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! There’s so much to be thankful for this past year, and yet even more I’m sure we can all agree that needs to stay in the past forever.

This year saw the rise of the bull market, and the launch of Bitcrush. Something I’ve been pushing forward for so long, and I’m so happy is in market, and still going. That being said, we’ve obviously had our challenges. We’re all aware of these via the last article, so in the name of the New Year, let’s not rehash the old, but instead learn from the mistakes, and blaze forward a new path.

Here’s what to expect this new year. I’ve debated between breaking this down by quarters, or by topic. I’ve opted for the latter as we’re still nailing down our roadmaps for each of the projects, however I’ll attempt to be as specific as I can with the information I currently have available. Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing more documents digging into the projects in more details with a more detailed roadmap. I’ll also attempt to answer any questions I’ve seen from the community so far.

$NICE $CRUSH you got there-

First let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Dumpers. God I hate dumpers. For the most part it seems like most sells are coming from other projects, and I think that makes sense as they may not really understand the Bitcrush as a whole.

The bad news is there’s not much we can do about dumpers, aside from continuing to try and educate users, as well as bring in more buyers. That being said, we are very close to being deflationary. At this point 88% of $CRUSH rewards have been distributed, and only about 1.2M remain. That may sound like a lot, but in about 4–6 weeks we’re done.

So what happens then?

$CRUSH becomes almost entirely deflationary. What I mean by that is while we still have 10M allocated for P2E, the rate of emission for those $CRUSH will be slower than the burn rate of $CRUSH. The numbers aren’t final yet, but I believe that P2E will start at 1 $CRUSH earned for every 1000 wagered. When you take into account a 1% house edge, that means for every 1000 wagered, 10 $CRUSH average is profit, and 1% of that (.1) Crush is burned. However, we also need to take into account additional burn mechanisms from other Live Wallet tokens, Black Hodle referrals, Crush n Burn lottery, and the auto-compound burns. Essentially, in approximately 4–6 weeks, the only way to get $CRUSH will be to play games, purchase it, or be staked in our Staking Pool 2.0.

Which brings up the point, if there’s no more $CRUSH for rewards, what will that look like. This is where $NICE comes in. For those unaware, a second token was always the plan, and is even in the whitepaper.

As the core CRUSH coin supply decreases and price increases, the CRUSH coin will become a share token, and additional Crush Chips will be introduced with varying supply to address medium and lower wagering markets. The emphasis will always be on the staked CRUSH Coins to mine APY and receive the house profits. The highest pool multipliers will always be for crush coin pools and LPs.

It wasn’t possible back then to know what it would look like exactly as it rolled out, but now that we’re here we have a much better idea. While we are still locking down the tokenomics of $NICE, here’s what we know.

$CRUSH will be transitioning to a share token. Meaning, profits from all products, protocols, and everything we do will go to $CRUSH stakers. Staking $CRUSH is your ticket to profiting from the entire ecosystem.

What does this mean? Game profits will continue to be shared with stakers. N.I.C.E. Invader profits will be shared with stakers. All upcoming marketplace profits will be shared with stakers, and so on.

Additionally, the new games all introduce massive use cases for $CRUSH. N.I.C.E. Invaders requires planets to stake $CRUSH to earn $NICE. They will need to level up and as they do, which requires more $CRUSH. Attacking other planets requires $CRUSH be put up as sort of a wager and can be lost. We’re still deciding if that lost $CRUSH should be burned, or become profit for stakers. In game there will be Black Hodles that syphon resources and will potentially burn or distribute $CRUSH. We will share more about these when we begin launching the gitbook.

This is just the game, we still have the open world we’re working on and more. The point here is that $CRUSH inflation is coming to an end, and we’re just getting started with increased use cases. Below I’ll discuss where we are in development of these.

$NICE will be our inflationary rewards token, and will be taking the place of APY rewards. This means that we will soon be launching our own pools, farms, and even swap (albeit I don’t yet see the need to become a DEX). We’re currently discussing whether the fees from these will be used to buy back $CRUSH and burn, or buy back $CRUSH and distribute to stakers. Either way it will have a positive price impact on $CRUSH.

In addition, $NICE will be the mined in game currency that will be used to upgrade game assets, and more. Any items bought/sold on the marketplace will create profit to be shared with $CRUSH stakers.

Long story short, $CRUSH is becoming the share token to reap the rewards from all daily activities transacted by $NICE, as well as getting a big boost in use case.

Bitcrush Arcade Core-

This rollout has been super frustrating to say the least, however we’re getting there. Just as a bug gets fixed, another pops it. Any techies out there know it’s always harder to fix someone else’s mistakes than to just build something yourself. The issues that need to be fixed are the hybrid API and Dice Invaders roll function. Now that the Api is pretty much working properly, we’re moving along to update our servers so we can rollout the rest of the items on the list.

Here’s what to expect in chronological order.

Crush n’Burn Lottery — First week of January. We’re that close.

BUSD Live Wallet — Should be finished 2nd-3rd week of January, and then submitted for audit. Will go live as soon as audit is finished.

Dice Invaders — DI just needs to adjust how it retrieves rolls to increase its speed. This isn’t necessarily difficult, it just hasn’t been priority as the other items are more critical. However I believe we will be seeing this mid January. Since this doesn’t require audits there’s a chance it could drop before the live wallet update, but unsure.

Pools/Farms/Swap — These will be coming soon actually. Likely in Feb as soon as $NICE is rolled out.

Referrals and Wager mining — Neither of these are difficult, but neither are they priority. However, we should be seeing progress on these late Jan into Feb.

Bitcrush Arcade As A Service — We’re taking our time with this one after what happened with Treasure Key. A version of this is still being planned, we’re just being cautious. Once the above products are rolled out we’ll have a much better idea. Our lottery may in fact be the first BCAAAS product we roll out. We could maybe see that as soon as Feb.

Additional Games — Look for these to begin development likely in March I believe. If things go well we may try and push them sooner.

Nice Invaders Crush Everything-

This is interesting, as while it’s new for many of you, it’s always been the plan. For the sake of keeping this from getting too long, we’ll roll the Invaderverse into this section as well.

In fact here’s a quick screen grab from our earliest WP back in 2019, when we were referring to the game as crypto castles. This was pre-DeFi, and the best chain for casinos back then was Tron 😑.

Clearly the un-edited version was all I could locate.

Thank god the space has developed since then, but the point remains that casino was always only going to be a first use case. While the space and the concept has dramatically evolved, Bitcrush at its core has remained consistent. In fact there was discussion post IDO whether we should focus on the game first and come back to casino later, or proceed as planned. In the end I’m glad we stuck to our roadmap, as the hybrid model will allow us to do so much more cross-chain with our game. Not to mention, we now have a working casino that will continue to profit as we grow, and will continue to expand it’s use case cross-chain and in game.

Much of the development has already begun for N.I.C.E. Invaders. We will be adding the gitbook in the next few weeks, but here’s a sneak peek at what’s been started in no particular order.

  • Construction and Upgrading of In Game Assets (not yet tokenized, early implementation)- Assets are used in the mining, building, upgrading, defense, and attack systems. Will be releasing more on these when gitbook releases. As players level up their assets, their mining rate increases.
  • Faction/Guild Systems (Initial systems in place)- Each planet will require all Invader types to mine, attack, and stay protected. Guilds can be formed to ward off other attackers, or to fight off Black Hodles. Tax rate, protection rate, and voting systems implemented.
  • Map Framework (early stages)- The map will start off consisting of 100 hundred planets, each of which will require an Emperor and staked $CRUSH to mine $NICE. While there are workarounds with player tribes combining their core leaders to act in place of an Emperor should the planet be unoccupied, the Emperor will always take precedence. Hint: Keep an eye out for Emperor NFTs as they are the rulers of the game.
  • Black Hodle Logic (early implementation)— Self spawning Black Hodles (Black Holes) spawn to consume resources and require teaming up to defeat.
  • Additional work done on the combat systems, world building, leveling/tiers and more.
Early Concept Art

We’re still in early stages, but a lot work has been done. Here’s the roadmap and what to expect. Please understand we’re still in discussion and locking down details, so this is all subject to change in the upcoming weeks, but here’s what we anticipate.

January- We will be starting to prepare and potentially launching the first round of out Initial NFT Offering. We will be potentially announcing a partner this next week if we come to an agreement. We’ve designed an NFT collection called “Mad N.I.C.E. Invaders” that is meant to exist on markets outside of the game. However players are incentivized to hodl by keeping the NFT and minted game character in the same wallet. We’re rewarding these “Crushed NFTs” as we’re calling them, with rewards from marketplace profits paid out in $CRUSH. The idea behind this uses our hybrid approach to allow the NFT holders to mint their in game character using their collection piece. This will allow the player to burn their game character and mint him again cross-chain (although he would lose any leveling). This could be useful in deciding to sell your NFT on the markets as it is the key to a character, so a rare NFT would allow access to a highly valuable in character. More info will be released on this as we roll out, and functionality is of course subject to change. All this is to say, the first round of the sale will be solely our most rare NFTs; the Emperor, which is needed for planets to mine $NICE. 100 planets, and 100 Emperors only.

We’re unsure at this point how many will be available for sale, but the priority for the sale will be -

  1. Crush God NFT Holders
  2. Staking Pool 2.0 Stakers
  3. Public

The second round will include our next 3 most rare invaders, followed by the on going sale of the additional invader roles. We anticipate round one in January, and the other rounds in Feb and ongoing.

Additionally we are discussing a cross-chain IDO for $NICE starting with BSC and Fantom, being launched by a partner who will remain unnamed until it is official. N.I.C.E. Invaders is meant to be cross chain, which means we will need liquidity for both $NICE and $CRUSH on other chains. Additional funds will be used for marketing and increased development.

This will likely start late Jan into Feb. Priority will likely be the same as above.

In Feb/March we anticipate being able to mint your game characters, with the early market place opening up late Q1 and early gameplay in the beginning of Q2. We’ll also be looking for real estate offering and initial Invadervaerse rollout to start around this time as well.

Early Concept Art

In addition some other things to note.

First, expanding our game offerings outside of casino and into the MMO world allows us to expand marketing into more traditional channels, which should translate into increased exposure.

Second, our new team of game developers are much more experienced than the unfortunate team who dropped the ball with Dice Invaders. They have a lot of experience, as well as many delivered products to big name clients, and have been already moving forward solving the issues left behind by the other team. The reason our API works now is thanks to them. They’re also the ones fixing Dice Invaders and more. Because they are a much more well rounded team, starting in January we will be allowing users to join the development discord server to follow progress, get sneak peeks at art, help provide input, and more. Essentially the development process will become much more transparent, interactive, and effective.

I know this has been a long read, but there is so much to cover and so much going on right now.

We’re so excited for our new and existing path. A ton of work ahead but a lot of movement and excitement on the way.

Let’s leave 2021 in the dumpster where it belongs, and get excited for 2022 so we can all…