Flight of the Navigator Update v16

Clearly the un-edited version was all I could locate.
  • Construction and Upgrading of In Game Assets (not yet tokenized, early implementation)- Assets are used in the mining, building, upgrading, defense, and attack systems. Will be releasing more on these when gitbook releases. As players level up their assets, their mining rate increases.
  • Faction/Guild Systems (Initial systems in place)- Each planet will require all Invader types to mine, attack, and stay protected. Guilds can be formed to ward off other attackers, or to fight off Black Hodles. Tax rate, protection rate, and voting systems implemented.
  • Map Framework (early stages)- The map will start off consisting of 100 hundred planets, each of which will require an Emperor and staked $CRUSH to mine $NICE. While there are workarounds with player tribes combining their core leaders to act in place of an Emperor should the planet be unoccupied, the Emperor will always take precedence. Hint: Keep an eye out for Emperor NFTs as they are the rulers of the game.
  • Black Hodle Logic (early implementation)— Self spawning Black Hodles (Black Holes) spawn to consume resources and require teaming up to defeat.
  • Additional work done on the combat systems, world building, leveling/tiers and more.
Early Concept Art
  1. Crush God NFT Holders
  2. Staking Pool 2.0 Stakers
  3. Public
Early Concept Art




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Bitcrush.com — A Hybrid Defi Gaming Platform

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