Flight of the Navigator Update v13.

Go Go Go!!!!

The Good, the “Bad,” and the (temporarily) Ugly.

The Good

Everything is functioning. With this many moving parts that’s great. This is a much more complicated platform that other casinos that are fully decentralized, centralized with logins, or even custodial wallet platforms. Our system is complicated, but it works, so now we just iron out the kinks.

The “Bad”

Dice Invaders-

The (temporarily) Ugly

Auto Compound-

  • Current staking pool previous pool will be marked as old pools.
  • The new pool will function just as it does now, however with the auto-compound function fixed and working smoothly. Please note this fixed functionality will also increase burn rates.
  • You will need to withdraw from the old (current) staking pool and go into the new pool. When you withdraw, all your pending rewards will withdraw as well.
  • We will Pump APY back up to glory day numbers, so get ready to Ape back in for those sweet returns you remember.
  • In this process, a new Live Wallet will be deployed, so we are adding a withdraw from v1 button in navigation. This button will pulsate if you have funds to withdraw, and we will manually sync so there will be no early withdrawal fees. There’s no rush as your funds will be SAFU. But to play games you’ll need to deposit in the updated Live Wallet.
  • Black Hodl Referrals — This ties into the lottery, so we’re trying to submit for audits at the same time.
  • Super Secret NFT project — Art in process. This may be our first foray cross-chain.
  • Wager Mining v1 — Dev begins as lottery/referrals begin audits (soon).
  • Wager Mining v2+ — Pre-dev planning. NFT game tied to wagering.
  • Additional Tokens — Will likely start with BNB or BUSD to allow players options when playing games. Profits will be used to buy back $CRUSH before profit distribution creating upward pressure on price. Additional partner and in house tokens are in discussion as well.
  • Bitcrush Arcade Expansion — We are preparing the Live Wallet, Bankroll, Lottery, Referrals, Wager Mining, and Games to be implemented and added to partner projects so we can expand beyond our own website. Profits will still benefit $CRUSH stakers.
  • New Games — Development planning has begun for 2 new Bitcrush games (teasers coming soon), as well as discussions for new provider integrations to expand our game offerings.
  • Defi Products — Planning phases for additional farms, pools, and more.



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