Flight of the Navigator Update v13.


Go Go Go!!!!

Ok Crushers… Step 1 (launch) has been initiated and deployed, which is a MASSIVE step for the project!

Yes, there are some bumps and things we’re working on, but all that will be sorted soon. We have’t gotten a ton of sleep since launch, and don’t anticipate this changing soon. So let’s go over the good, the “bad," and the (temporarily) ugly.

Just remember, this is now the worst Bitcrush will ever be again. By that I mean everything only gets better from here as we tweak, refine, expand, etc. I understand why people dump, but why dump when a project has literally no where to go but up in quality? Diamond hand rewards commencing. We’ll cover this below…

The Good, the “Bad,” and the (temporarily) Ugly.

The Good

Everything is functioning. With this many moving parts that’s great. This is a much more complicated platform that other casinos that are fully decentralized, centralized with logins, or even custodial wallet platforms. Our system is complicated, but it works, so now we just iron out the kinks.

It’s profitable. We have a few things to resolve before we ape on marketing, but even just with our little launch, we’re already seeing great profits. I hope you understand that this means as we expand, the $CRUSH rewards are going to be ridiculous. We will of course go into some down times, but already we’re seeing the potential on the back end and its great. Don’t forget, 60% goes to you, 10% to bankroll, 2% to lottery, and the rest for marketing, expansion, development , etc.

Auto-Compound gas fees are low. We’ll discuss it’s current issue below, but let’s not forget to celebrate the small wins.

We’re already burning a much greater rate, approx. 60% faster than before, and this will increase when we update Auto Compounding. Burns will explode as we expand as well (more on that later).

The games are fun, and its a simple UI to use. I know it may seem intimidating, but we’ll be launching tutorials soon.

All we need are some small tweaks, a few minor issues resolved, and we’ll be ready for expansion which will boost everything exponentially.

The “Bad”

Dice Invaders-

As noted on the site, Dice Invaders is currently in beta as we need to solve connection issues, and we need to optimize it just a bit. We knew going in this was going to be the case, but we didn’t want to delay any longer. In the mean time we will be throttling auto-roll speed. Dice Invaders will be going in and out of maintenance mode over the next few weeks as we continue to optimize, and as we do we will be increasing game speed.

It is important to note that you can connect to Dice Invaders at the moment. You first need to manually disconnect from any other wallets in metamask and then reconnect. It can be tricky but it works, so if you’re a hard core Dice gamer you can give it a try. For those of you who aren’t, once we solve the connection issue we will be launching tutorial and strategy contests with big giveaways. Stay tuned.


We’re aware of mobile issues and will continue to work through them over the next week or so. If anyone has had success with their mobile, please share your process in chat.

The (temporarily) Ugly

Auto Compound-

Let me preface this by reminding everyone; Funds are SAFU.

As you’ve noticed auto compounds are slow. It’s kind of funny, as its working exactly as it should to keep gas prices low, while auto compounding both APY and profits in batches, initiating burns , etc. The one small issue is that it’s moving the batches forward one person at a time. Meaning when you call the auto compound, you’re compounding for a random fellow stakers. While this is sweet, it’s not working as intended and means compounds are super slow. This is the reason we’ve kept rewards low during launch while we feel it out.

So what does this mean?

Welp- due to the nature of smart contracts, we need to redeploy. It was a simple fix, and already got approval from the auditors, we just need to deploy. However this means we must redeploy all 3 contracts since they’re interlinked.

Here is a step by step of what will happen:

  • New contracts will be deployed, as well as an updated UI.
  • Current staking pool previous pool will be marked as old pools.
  • The new pool will function just as it does now, however with the auto-compound function fixed and working smoothly. Please note this fixed functionality will also increase burn rates.
  • You will need to withdraw from the old (current) staking pool and go into the new pool. When you withdraw, all your pending rewards will withdraw as well.
  • We will Pump APY back up to glory day numbers, so get ready to Ape back in for those sweet returns you remember.
  • In this process, a new Live Wallet will be deployed, so we are adding a withdraw from v1 button in navigation. This button will pulsate if you have funds to withdraw, and we will manually sync so there will be no early withdrawal fees. There’s no rush as your funds will be SAFU. But to play games you’ll need to deposit in the updated Live Wallet.

This will take place no later than 3pm UTC on Saturday, however it may happen sooner. If you’re not first in the updated pool it’s ok, as the rewards will settle much higher than they were before. There are still rewards to be distributed in the older pools so you’re more than welcome to hang out in there as long as you please.

We’re (pretty much) launched, so what’s next?

Well, now the fun stuff starts. As mentioned we won’t be announcing before launching new products because we want to rewards hodlers, but here is what’s coming and where we are in the process. Please note this is not in any chronological order.

  • Crush ‘n Burn Lottery — Almost ready to submit for audits, and it will be a much shorter process.
  • Black Hodl Referrals — This ties into the lottery, so we’re trying to submit for audits at the same time.
  • Super Secret NFT project — Art in process. This may be our first foray cross-chain.
  • Wager Mining v1 — Dev begins as lottery/referrals begin audits (soon).
  • Wager Mining v2+ — Pre-dev planning. NFT game tied to wagering.
  • Additional Tokens — Will likely start with BNB or BUSD to allow players options when playing games. Profits will be used to buy back $CRUSH before profit distribution creating upward pressure on price. Additional partner and in house tokens are in discussion as well.
  • Bitcrush Arcade Expansion — We are preparing the Live Wallet, Bankroll, Lottery, Referrals, Wager Mining, and Games to be implemented and added to partner projects so we can expand beyond our own website. Profits will still benefit $CRUSH stakers.
  • New Games — Development planning has begun for 2 new Bitcrush games (teasers coming soon), as well as discussions for new provider integrations to expand our game offerings.
  • Defi Products — Planning phases for additional farms, pools, and more.

Anyway guys, I don’t want to give too much away, but this is everything planned near term. Once we knock out these bugs we get to get into the fun expansion stuff. Not to mention, we’re gearing up to ape into marketing. Now that our product is working it’s time to Crush it super hard.

Hang in there and let us get through these little issues, so we can move forward in expanding all Defi into our Crush-verse…

3… 2… 1…



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