Flight of the Navigator Update v11

Mucho Rewards

Back to the dual rewards pool. So what is the risk here? The $CRUSH staked in the 2.0 pool will be there to provide a backup reserve of bankroll, in exchange for 60% of the profits. Just like APY, this 60% will be paid out based on your % of the pool. One of the biggest aspects of launching a iGaming platform is the bankroll. The size of the bankroll directly affects the size of the bets players can make, the number of players you can have, and effectively the rate at which you can scale. What that means is the larger your bankroll, the more risk you can take on to scale the platform. A system of investor funded bankroll became popular in crypto casinos a few ago, and it’s one of the amazing benefits of the space. Many people would love to be invested in traditional iGaming platforms but don’t have the opportunity as it’s just not feasible in the real world. Smart contracts are rad.

The Breakdown

Let’s start with what happens on the house side.

Staking Pool 2.0 — Frozen Bonus

There is an update to the Staking Pool 2.0 functionality I wanted to update everyone on. This isn’t due to testing over this week, but rather I wanted to see if our updates would change any of the functionality before I announced it since it’s pretty awesome!

When APY is boosted you’ll see it pulsating and changing colors.



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