Flight of the Navigator Update v10


Hey Crushers!! Something important to announce!

Do I just come out and say it, or do I meander a bit to build excitement…?



(clears throat)

(gets distracted)

Ok I’m back.

It’s official. We have started the audit process and can officially commence launch countdown!

Tentative launch is now now set for Friday, October 29th, at 3pm UTC.

I say tentative only because with audits it’s important that SAFU comes first. If for some reason some unforeseen, ungodly critical error reveals itself in our audit, you know me well enough by now that I won’t hesitate to delay until solved.

That being said, I have no reason to believe that will be the case. We’ve been working tirelessly on this end to develop and test our solution that we think will be one of the best gaming platforms on BSC, if not in all DeFi.

Final version will have subtle changes

One of the great things about Bitcrush.com, is that you will be able to play centralized games without the need for signing up, submitting email/passwords etc. Is it really DeFi if you need to provide personal info? We’re able to do this via a complicated dance between the game servers and blockchain that allow you direct access to your funds if the site or server go down for any reason at all, and still protects funds from bad actors. It took a while, but we’ve done it.

I’ll update on the specifics of the process soon, but it’s very simple. Transfer $CRUSH from your wallet to the LW. Play games. Withdraw when your ready. No need to register or anything. If the site/server ever goes down for any reason at all, your funds are SAFU and waiting for you to claim from the smart contract.

For those who don’t want to play games, simply stake $CRUSH in the Staking Pool 2.0 to receive both APY + House Profits in one pool.

Oh, we fixed the high gas issue for compounds as well. Meaning more auto-compounds, and more burns… 🔥🔥🔥

So what’s next?

As we wait to audits to finish, we will be integrating everything for the testers again to play around with the full product (just waiting on some partner updates). From there we will be announcing contests for strategy and tutorial videos, and content.

Our lovely Moon Driver and Lord Sifu are in the process of rolling out a slew of marketing campaigns including ads, influencer outreach, social engagement strategies, Ama’s, new partnerships, and more.

Launch is of course only step 1. From there we get to working on making everything better. Next steps in no particular order include; Black Hodle Referrals, Wager Mining, Decentralized Dice Invaders, Gamification, Additional Bitcrush Games (Bit Crash and Crash Wave 😶), farms/pools, and just a whole bunch of DeFi products, games, tokens and more.

Just like every new development by us, it’s all centered around rewarding our $CRUSH stakers. Staking Pool 2.0 is amazing and will only get better in time.

I’ll keep this one short my lovely $CRUSH family, as there’s a million things to do before now and then, but the time is near…

Oh, and 3M $CRUSH staked?! How f*cking rad is that?! Amazing!

You guys know what to do:

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