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Bitcrush Arcade — A Hybrid Defi Casino
Keep Calm and Hodl On

Phew… Welp let’s just be brutally honest for a second. The Market is gross right now.

Depending on who you follow, we’re either about to moon, collapse into a full blown bear market, or range for several months. One of those is right, so instead of speculating, let’s look at what we have on hand at the moment. Focus on the positive if you will…

State of the Union

First of all our SAS rollout was essentially a success. While testing didn’t catch the gas issue it’s been nothing critical. This is exactly why we wanted to roll out this test version first, and…

A Sweet & Glorious Pool….

Today at 2pm UTC, we launch our Auto-compounding single asset staking pool!

We know you’ve been waiting forever for it. Most of you understand why it took a bit longer than anticipated, and if not please refer to our previous article. If I do say so myself, it was definitely worth the wait.

What is it?

This pool is a preliminary test for our core product launching soon, which will combine auto-compounding staking rewards with auto-compounding casino profits. For this pool, are allocating 500k $CRUSH to be earned by staking over the next 4 weeks…

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in with everyone.

I want to first off say how impressed and humbled I am by our community. During this last market tumble I honestly expected a much bigger dump to hit $CRUSH. But what can I say, you guys are all rockstars. Words can’t even express how much gratitude I feel toward my community and all our Hodlers.

Couple things to address so I’ll keep this one short and to the point.

As many of you know, over 30 projects in the last few weeks fell victim to the MasterChef…

We’re exactly where we expected to be.

We got this…

While I may not be in the chat much as I’m working on building the best DeFi platfrom ever, ever… I do stop by occasionally to see what everyone’s discussing. A common consensus seems to be asking, “wen launch?” “I thought you had a working game?” “Why can’t I stake?” etc… etc.

Let me address these so you can understand why we’re not only exactly where we expected to be at this point, but exactly where we should be.

It’s been 9 days. So far we have a farm launched with our partner…

Wow! What a wild ride it’s been!

We want to thank everyone who has joined in and supported us over the course of the IDO. It was a bit rocky, and there were definitely a few speed bumps, but in the end we all managed to Crush it!

Now that $CRUSH are officially in orbit, it’s time for mission control to focus on getting this sucker off the ground.

When Launch?

Here’s where we are, and where we’re going.

We really need to clarify an important distinction here. We are NOT a casino using BSC for payments.

Bitcrush Arcade is…


After a long and rocky process, we’re happy to announce $CRUSH sale has ended and we are live on ApeSwap!!

Token contract is 0x0ef0626736c2d484a792508e99949736d0af807e

What’s Next?

Farming goes live on ApeSwap in less than 24 hours, plus pools opening there soon. Don’t pay attention to the dumpers. Buy, hodle, stake, farm!!!

Stay tuned for more info!

We are now shifting focus from IDO to development and have tons of fun stuff planned soon so please pay attention to announcements.

We’re so happy to be moving on to next phases and introducing one of the most excited platforms in Defi.

Together we can all:

What if we told you you could Ape in and Crush it at the same time?

We’re excited to announce that Bitcrush Arcade will be the first Partner of the ApeSwap x Astronaut Sonic Boom launch Program.

The Sonic Boom Program offer projects multiple incentives to help them reach new levels and Crush It! We’re very excited to be working closely with ApeSwap to create one of the greatest defi gaming platforms ever!

Benefits of getting listed on a DEX right after launch 🤑

  1. Have your token logo on a premier exchange, ApeSwap
  2. Token immediately becomes liquid after launch
  3. Access to a large user base right after launch
  4. Marketing support from…

But for real… F*ck Scammers.

In light of recent attacks on Pancake Bunny and other projects, it’s a good time to really think about security and what that means. In the end, everyone wants to take your money.

One of the best things about DEFI and crypto in general, is that you are responsible for your funds. How and what you invest in, where you keep your funds, and what you want to do with them, is entirely up to you. You should be able to do what you please with your hard earned funds.

However, this environment creates a…

Due to turbulent market conditions, we’ve all decided to let eveyone breathe a bit before rushing into the IDO. Therefore we are pushing our sale back by 1 week. Our new official date is now June 1st, at 3pm UTC.

Don’t miss it, Crush It!!

And why you shouldn’t be either (although you should be thinking about it).

Bear Markets don’t have to be a B-word

With the recent blood bath this weekend, it’s a great reminder that crypto markets in general are extremely volatile. While we don’t believe we are entering the bear market yet, it’s important to remember that it can happen at any time, and there’s nothing we can do about it. No one likes getting Rekt, definitely not us, so let’s chat a bit about this topic with our first installment on how we think about it.

Bitcrush Arcade

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